Gerhard Richter Painting: Filmographies

CORINNA BELZ (Script and Direction)
Corinna Belz studied philosophy, history of art and media sciences at Cologne, Zurich and Berlin. She has written, directed and produced numerous TV and film productions. Amongst her projects are DIE WIRKLICHEN DINGE PASSIEREN IN DER NACHT (1992, co-directed with Marion Kollbach), LIFE AFTER MICROSOFT (2001), OTHER AMERICAN VOICES (2002); nominated for the Grimme-Prize, and awarded Filmpreis des Deutschen Anwaltvereins) and THREE WISHES (2005, co-directed with Bärbel Maiwurm). In 2009 she contributed an episode for 24H BERLIN. Her first film on Gerhard Richter’s work, GERHARD RICHTERS WINDOW (2007), was awarded the World Media Gold Award – Art Documentaries. Corinna Belz lives in Cologne.

Graduated as engineer for media technology. Freelance editor for documentary and fiction since 1996. His work includes WHERE THE SKY TOUCHES EARTH (1999, D: Frank Mueller), LOST KILLERS (2000, D: Dito Tsintsadze), BERLIN: SYMPHONY OF A METROPOLIS (2001, D: Thomas Schadt), Stefan Krohmer’s THEY’VE GOT KNUT (2002) and FAMILY CRISIS (2003), Stefan Schwietert’s ACCORDEON TRIBE (2004) and ECHOES FROM HOME (2006), UNTER KONTROLLE (2011, D: Volker Sattel) as well as Johann Feindt’s and Tamara Trampe’s WHITE RAVEN (2005, nominated for Image/Art Editor’s Award for Documentary) and LULLABY (2009, Image/Art Editor’s Award for Documentary). Since 2007 Stephan Krumbiegel is a professor for Montage and Editing at the Konrad Wolf Filmschool in Potsdam.

JOHANN FEINDT (Director of Photography)
Since graduating from the German Film Academy in Berlin Johann Feindt worked as cameraman, author and director for documentary and fiction. His huge filmography includes IRRECONCILABLE MEMORIES (1980, co-directed with Klaus Volkenborn and Karl Siebig; Award of the German Film Critics), PROFESSION: NEONAZI (1992, D: Winfried Bonengel), Didi Danquart’s GANGRENE (1994, co-directed), JEW BOY LEVI (1999) and OFFSET (2006), Andreas Kleinert’s THINKING OF GERMANY AT NIGHT (1995), MY FATHER (2003, nominated for the German camera award), FREISCHWIMMER (2008), ADDICTED TO ACTING (2004, D: Andres Veiel). Movies co-directed with Tamara Trampe are DER SCHWARZE KASTEN (1992) and LULLABY (2010), as well as TRAITORS TO THE FATHERLAND (2011, D: Annekatrin Hendel). For his documentary M.I.A. MISSING IN ACTION and White Raven (co-directed with Tamara Trampe) Johann Feindt was awarded with the Grimme Award 2004.

DIETER STÜRMER (Director of Photography)
Studied camera in Dortmund, since graduating in 2000 he works freelance as cameraman and video artist. Among his work is Thomas Riedelsheimer’s RIVERS AND TIDES (2001, assistant camera) and TOUCH THE SOUND (2005, 2nd camera and assistant), Irene Langemann’s THE PASSION OF MARTIN (2004), COMPETITORS (2009) and FROM FRAMMSTEIN WITH LOVE (2010), IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (2004, D: Sibylle Stürmer), COLONIAL MISUNDERSTANDING (2004, D: Jean-Marie Téno) and TRADERS’ DREAMS (2006, D: Stefan Tolz). For AT THE EDGE OF TIME (D: Stefan Tolz) Dieter Stuermer was nominated for the German Camera Award.

FRANK KRANSTEDT (Director of Photography)
Cameraman and Photographer. Among his work for film and TV there are: THE FREEDOM OF NARRATION – GAD BECK (2007), WESTSIDE KANAK (2009, D: Peter Schran) CHILDREN OF THE STONE – CHILDREN OF THE WALL (2010, D: Monika Nolte, Robert Krieg), DEATH AT THE MUSEUM (2008, D: Marion Schmidt). He already collaborated with Corinna Belz for the documentaries THREE WISHES (2005), PORIFERA (2009) and GERHARD RICHTERS WINDOW (2007).

Graduated from Potsdam Filmschool as a sound engineer. Numerous works in sound for cinema – sound and dialogue editing, mix and sound design etc. Dominik Schleier worked among others for HAVANA MI AMOR (2000, D: Uli Gaulke) BEING ON FIRE (2001, Connie Walter), LEADER EX (2002, D: Winfried Bonengel), KAMOSH PANI (2003, D: Sabiha Sumar), YASMIN (2004, D: Kenneth Gleenan), THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND (2006, D: Kevin Mcdonald), PAZAR (2008, D: Ben Hopkins), SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT (2009, D: Detlev Buck), A RUSSIAN SUMMER (2009, D: Michael Hoffmann) and BEHIND THE DOOR (2011, D: Istvan Szabó). For the sound design of TRADE (D: Marco Kreuzpaintner) Dominik Schleier was awarded with the German Film Award 2008.

Graduated from Hanns Eisler Music academy in Berlin with a diploma for sound and piano. Since then numerous German and International films in charge of sound design and mix. Collaboration among others with: Christian Petzold, Istvan Szabó, Detlev Buck, Wolfgang Becker, Hans-Christian Schmid, Dominik Graf, Oskar Roehler, Hermine Huntgeburth, Pepe Danquart and Andres Veiel; also recordings for classic cd’s. Since 2005 Martin Steyer is Professor for sound desing and mix at Konrad Wolf film school. Nominated for the German Film Award in 2005 for SCHNEELAND (D: Hans W. Geissendörfer) and 2009 ANONYMA (D: Max Färberböck), also nominated for the German Film Awards 2006 for REQUIEM (D: Hans-Christian Schmid) and 2008 for TRADE (D: Marco Kreuzpaintner).

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